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Daisy Mum Flower Sculpture

“Flower People” by Carolyn Clayton

Hi my names Carolyn Clayton, I am an artist based in Shropshire, England. Nature is my muse!  My ceramic flower sculptures or “flower people” as often call them, have evolved from my love of nature and demonstrating the old technique of bone china flower making at Coalport China Museum.

We are all creators. I am fascinated with physics and the universe and how we are all just fragments of energy,  from the same source creating our reality.  We are all the same, whether we are human, flowers or animals, we are all made of the same stuff. Part of everything.  We are all beautiful in one way or another, each different and unique, but really all the same, and for me my flower people represent that.

I can make clay flowers using any clay but I personally prefer the finish of Parian clay with its marble like appearance.   My quirky sculptures or surrealism art sculptures make great handmade gift ideas and I offer commissions for personalised gifts.  I sell my quirky art sculptures on my website here and also at some shops and galleries around the UK & Worldwide.  Retailers looking for unique handmade wholesale gifts click here for prices. Having recently worked with renowned sculptor Andrew Sinclair MRBS I can now offer much larger sculptures for public places.

“We Are All One, Only Egos, Beliefs and Fears Separate Us”


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Flower People – Ceramic Flower Sculptures


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