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Hi, I am Carolyn Clayton and I just love to sculpt and create.  I was born in Folkestone, Kent, England but moved to Shropshire in 1996.

Since 2004 I have worked as a part time demonstrator at Coalport China Museum. Through my love of making china flowers I have recently developed my ceramic flower people.

My love of sculpting started at a very young age. I have always loved to make things or draw. I was a real blue peter kid and used to get though tons of home made salt dough. My art teacher was impressed with my drawing and said I should go to a London art college but I never did.  It wasn’t until I was around 30 that I ‘found clay’ as it were at a local college. I made a number of things which always got ‘woows’ off people.

College then led to Wolverhampton university where I had the time of my life learning lots of different ceramic techniques such as screen printing, mold making and making glazes. I was in my element. I found out there was a local china museum in my town so went and volunteered some help. This led to a part time job as a china flower demonstrator which I still do on a very part time basis today.

I also did half a degree in Computer Science as I also love computers. In my first years I dreamed of working at Madam Tussauds in London or being an artist, but by the end of it I was disillusioned about my art so went into IT.  I have always kept my hand in at Coalport and will own a shop one day.

My flower people were born one evening in November 2013.   I had made some figurines with curly heads (love wisps I call them) but I messed one head up so thought I would put a flower on its neck. I put a picture up on my facebook page which led to friends asking me to make them one which then led to creating my facebook page.  Not long later people were asking for commissions and shops approached me. I now make them and sell them at a few shops around the country and worldwide.

By the end of 2020 I should be more full time with my artwork.  80% art/20% IT is the plan.  I have so many ideas and things I want to make but have outgrown my home space.   I am waiting for a workshop down at Coalport.  I hoped to be in last year, but after two floods and the coronavirus this move is on hold.

Below are some of the pieces I made at university using some of the techniques I was taught there.

Making China Flowers at Coalport

Carolyn Clayton China Flower Demo

Bone China Flowers

Bone China Flowers Coalport

Me Scupting

Carolyn Clayton Sculpting

Bust of my Father

Portrait Sculpture Bust Dennis Clayton

Screen Printed Bowl

Ceramic Screen Printed Bowl

Gargoyle sculpture with slip-cast gun

Raku Fired Pot

Raku Fired Face Pot

Screen Printing

screen printing

My proudest moment so far is the commission I did for the Royal Caribbeans newest cruise ship Symphony of the Seas:

I worked with Andrew Sinclair to sculpt this and it was something I will never forget.  I made it but with his help.  It is made of out marble resin and it was the hardest thing I ever made.  I hope to work with him again as I want to make another large one but better.

Carolyn Clayton Miss Hydrangea Artwork Symphony Of The Seas
Carolyn Clayton Art for Royal Carribean Symphony of the Seas

We are all creators. I am fascinated with physics and the universe and how we are all just fragments of energy, from the same source creating our reality.  We are all the same, whether we are human, flowers or animals, we are all made of the same stuff. Part of everything, all connected.  We are all beautiful in one way or another, each different and unique, but really all the same, and for me my flower people represent that.