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Ceramic flower making takes a bit of time and practice.  I developed the skill at Coalport China Museum using ancient techniques of bone china flower making. Bone china is a very sticky clay so you use oil such as sunflower oil on your fingers to stop it sticking.  It is very soft and can only be sculpted into tiny or palm of the hand size roses.

This page is work in progress as I am going to be adding ‘how to’ guides and videos showing how to make ceramic flowers using porcelain clay.  The technique will work with any clay so can be tried using the air drying clay or other clays you may wish to work with.

History of Ceramic Flower Making

Ceramic flower making started back in the days when the potteries created elaborate bone china flowers and added them to their wares.

Click here to learn more about the history of Bone China Flowers.

bone china flowers drying in rack
all my biscuit bone china flowers

How to Make Ceramic Flowers

Click here to see How to make Bone China Flowers or follow the tutorials below.  I recently had a large commission to make some larger flowers and you can see my tutorial on that below.