This is how I was taught to make the bone china carnation flower.  There are many ways to make spiky flowers but this is how I was taught to make it at Coalport.  Some people think they look like pinks or cornflowers, but I was always told they represented the carnation flower.  I call it ‘the spiky one’.

You make the centre and petals separately and put together at the end. You can just make 3 extra petals and make these your center for a slightly different look.

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Make the Centre

sausage shaped rolled clay with half pressed down edge



1. Roll a piece of china into a long sausage shape and then press down one side to make it flat ready for the comb, see image.  (Please note image only shows half with pressed down section.. make sure you press the whole length)





using comb to make spiky sections on the clay



2. Then use the side of the comb with the thinnest bristles and drag away from the clay. (Again image is only showing have the section combed, do the lot)





rolling the long clay section to make center



3. Then roll up the clay to make the centre.






rolled up center of carnation flower




4. Put aside.




Making the Petals

hammerhead shark shaped clay



1. Make a hammerhead shark shape and make sure its like a wedge and only very thin at the top edge.





making spiky petals with comb




2. Then use the wider tooth section of the comb and drag for about 4mm towards the edge.




bending the clay to make an m shape



3. Then lift the section up and make an M shape.






m shaped section



4. Make about 6-8 and set them aside.





clay sections and centre ready for assembly



5.Ready for assembly.






Putting Together

Stick the petals around the centre.


adding sections around the center of flower


Once dry they are fired in a kiln to 1230C.