This is how I make Poppies out of clay.  Any clay will work as long as its soft and wet enough.

What you will need:

1. Clay
2. Craft knife
3. Old comb
4. Pointy implement (sharp pencil will work)
5. Stamp for impressions on clay (not necessary)

Making the Center

1. Create a sausage shape and flatten the end:

Center of Clay Poppy Flower

2. Using a craft blade or similar, create a star shape with 5 lines:

star shape center

3. Create the following pattern in each section by pushing the blade into each triangle section:

Poppy flower center clay

4. Using a pointy implement create a small hole in the center:

pointy implement

5. Next roll out a sausage of clay and flatten one edge:

flattening clay sausage shape

6. Use an old comb to create the stamens:

Making Stamens with Clay

7. Wrap the strip of clay around the center a couple of times:

stamens around center

Poppy Flower Center Clay

Making the Petals

1. Create 4 petals.  Create the following shape by starting with a triangle shape and flattening it in the palm of your hands:

poppy petal shape

2. Flatten the edges of the shape excluding the bottom part:


flattening Petals

3.  Using a textured stamp press lightly to create the petal wave marks: (you could do this on both sides)

clay on textured stamp

Poppy Petals

4 poppy Petals

Putting Flower Together

1. Get your center and put the first two petals around the center like below:

Putting Poppy Together


poppy two petals

2. Use your fingers to make the petals bend over slightly at the ends:

clay poppy

3. Then add the other two petals like below:

poppy with forth petal going on

Clay Poppy Flower

under side of poppy

Then you could create a stem with the under clay.  I have used this poppy to go on one of my flower ladies:

poppy head on sculpture

Poppy Flower Lady

poppy lady clay


To see what Poppy flower people I have for sale, click here.

poppy lady cera

Below is a video of me making a poppy out of Bone China Clay: