This is how to make a bone china clay Anemone flower.

Bone china clay is the best flower making clay if want crack free beautiful delicate clay flowers. They will need to be fired to 1230c.

What you will need:
1. Bone china Clay.
2. Vegetable or sunflower oil for fingers.
3. Smooth mat surface which you can add oil.
4. (optional) A grooved textured flat surface. I have a rubber stamp which was given to me by someone from Wedgwood.  Coalport use to use hand made clay ones.  A sample of grooved wall paper would work or anything with grooves.
5. Comb

Making the Centre

making center of flower



1. Use a sieve to push a small sausage sized shape into a sieve.





Centre of clay flower



2. Use your fingers around the side to push and shape to make a nice round centre.





sausage shaped rolled clay with half pressed down edge



3. Create a long sausage shape and press down one edge to make a wedge.





using comb to make spiky sections on the clay



4. Using a comb create the stamens by dragging the comb as seen in image.





adding combed clay section around the centre to create stamens



5.  Add the combed clay section around the centre to create stamens like in the image.





centre of Anemone flower


Set aside.






Making the Petals


shaping petals for Anemone flower




6. Create a sausage shape of clay and press around the top to make the shape below.




petals for Anemone flower









pinching petal to make shape



7. Pinch the base of the petal to create the shape shown in the image.






5 Anemone flower petals



Make 5 and set aside





Putting the Flower Together

Putting the anemone flower together



8. Put the petals around the centre like image.





completed anemone flower


9.Use finger and thumb to gently make the petals edge curl over. (like the image of the rose below)






pinching edges of clay petals









Making the stem of the anemone flower



10. Hold the anemone flower from underneath and using your fingertips turn the flower upside down and gently twisting the flower back and forth to turn it into a thin stem.  You can let gravity help but be careful not to drop it.