Ever since I started making my flower people a few people have said how I should make potheads or weed headed people. But having looked at cannabis leaf pictures its always put me off. Flowers come naturally and leaves we have always used press molds. But I recently came across some cannabis leaf cutters which I have been practicing with.

cannabis leaf cutters

It took me a few attempts because the way I make flowers is by making sure the tips of the flowers are thin but the base are weighty so I have something to sculpt together to hold the petals and attach to the neck of my figurines. However with the cutters it is difficult to do this. So I am working on different ways of using the cutters to create a cool shape. The first pothead sculpture I have made is below. This was made with porcelain clay and fired at 1050C:

With all porcelain figurines I then dip them in glaze and fire them a second time to 11ooC:

I have made a few more as that one sold fast.  You can see my full range of pothead sculptures available to buy here.

Rastafarian Gifts

My son was saying how I need to make them less female. But as I explained to him my flower people are sexless.  They are not female or male, they represent us as a whole or mother nature. We are all one, whether your a plant, spider, blade of grass of human.  We are all made of the same stuff.  I guess because of the curves i create make them more female to some people. He then suggested I made them in the Rastafarian colours, one arm red, body yellow and other arm green or similar.  That is possible but very difficult and time consuming.  I certainly couldn’t then sell them at my normal prices. But I will have a go at some point.  But my next plan is to add Rastafarian colours whether that is  by adding a hat or scalf I am not sure.  But I like the idea of dreadlocks flowing down the back.  So watch this space as I develop these pothead sculptures and rastafarian gifts.

Rastafarian Gifts