Garden Workshop Pottery Studio – 20ft x 16ft

The past 18 months has been bad for many people.  I lost my beloved dog Maddy in August 2020 and with the pandemic and the lockdown I needed a focus, so I built a workshop.  I have to turn negatives into positives.  Having managed working from home for 11 years (WITH my social contact) I have been fine.  But without it, this past year, who know where I would be.  So I am very grateful to my neighbour Jason for helping me create my dream workshop:

Before After Garden Room Workshop Pottery


I have been waiting for a workshop down at Coalport China Museum, but it has felt like a carrot on a stick for too long.  I had been looking to move and when I mentioned this to my neighbour she looked distraught.  She didn’t want new neighbours and told me not to move and suggested I built a workshop at the back on my garden. This got me thinking and I priced up the options.  What I wanted size wise was a minimum of 30K.  I was looking at sip panels, ready built workshops and all sorts when I got chatting with my neighbours partner.  He is conservatory/windows doors installer but also all round great builder.  He likes to keep busy and is always doing jobs around the neighborhood and very kindly agreed to help me build it.

The first job was clearing all the years of rubbish from behind the back of my shed:

Back Garden with old shed


Behind Shed

While I was away my neighbour worked hard on clearing all the years of overgrowth and rubbish.  He found my old boundary posts were buried.  A tree was growing within the boundaries so we think the previous owner brought the fence forward rather than deal with the tree.  This is the tree root:  There was soil right up to the back of my then boundary:

The tree stump


I got busy my side and removed the conifer and the slabs:



Around shed cleared
We collected all the brick and slabs to create hardcore for the base:
Reclaiming my boundaries:
Covid Year Workshop Build Base Work
All of the base work and my building my ‘secret garden’ can be seen in the video below:


Base Before After Frame


Workshop Wooden Frame


Frame Roof Joists


I screwed all the roof joists:

Frame Roof Joists


OSB External


damp proof membrane


Screwing Frame Pottery Studio


I cladded the back wall and side with featherboards.  I enjoyed this part.


Feather Boards



rood joist fixing



Screwing Roof Joists


OSB on the ceiling before the rubber:

Workshop OSB Roof Panels

OSB being screwed to create roof

Rubber On Roof Glued Down

We let the rubber rest on the roof for a couple of weeks..

Me on the roof

Roof Rubber





Studio Roof






Roof Trim and Spotlights


Studio Overhang Roof


I enjoyed the insulation as it like a huge jigsaw and easy to saw.

Sawing Insulation



Wood clad feature interior


me nailing each wood slat


wood slat interior


I got lots of samples of floor tiles before I chose these driftwood look ceramic tiles:

Floor Tiling

Driftwood Look Ceramic Tiled Floor

Floor Grouting


Inside Workshop



Pottery Studio Telford