In a few weeks I will have some really exciting news to share. Just when I thought I could take a rest from the clay I get another exciting project.

Last year I had two big commissions which were very exciting and challenging. In the summer I made some dahlia wall flowers for Macy’s in San Francisco. The other big project was the most amazing learning experience and what was created will be revealed soon. I’m soooo excited about it I’m unbearable at times!

Now I am knee deep in clay again with deadlines to meet. I have been working like a mad woman and loving every minute. My poor hands can hardly type due to the hundreds of flowers I am making. The finished result is going to be beautiful, I can’t wait to see it and share.  I am very grateful and humbled because I just love making flowers, playing with clay and getting paid for it.

Coalport have been great for letting me use their workshop and giving me the opportunity to work away from home.  So thanks Coalport and all the staff for putting up with me and helping me on this journey.

What I have been dreaming of for a number of years is becoming reality and it’s friggin awesome. I am one happy bunny right now, life’s great, thanks universe!

To see how I made the clay flower below, click here.

large clay rose

ceramic Rosesclay roses