Recently I had been thinking about making my flowers into flower wall art, then out of the blue I get an email.  Talk about think it, manifest it. One of my dahlia flower ladies caught the eye of the Visual for New Stores & Remodels Director from Macy’s. Initially I dismissed the email and didn’t read the signature.  I have been so busy I thought it was a waste of time.  But when I got a follow up email I really took notice and that’s when I nearly fell of my chair as I saw the words Macy’s.  Being the non trusting person I am I had to check if she was a real person and was legit. Well yes she had a linkedin profile and not long after I was chatting to her on Whatsapp.  She wanted about 22 dahlia wall flowers of different sizes and within a few months.  I was like right, get busy.  Luckily she wanted the floral wall art in natural clay colour so there was no extra firing for a glaze.

The first few flower wall sculptures took ages to make as I made them with far too many petals. As I got better they started to look better and more realistic.  The more I looked at dahlia flower pictures and actual flowers they soon started to look more realistic.  Also when I was less picky about having the centre in the centre, then they started to really come alive.  There are so many different types of dahlias and she wanted all sorts.  So it was a case of make as many as I could and pray by the end I would have enough good ones to send her.  About 3 or four had to be 20ichs which my kiln wouldnt allow so they were fired at Coalport China Musuem.

I rolled out clay and placed over a bowl (which was covered in cling film). I then created petals working inside to out.  I put wire in the back but for the larger ones I had to investigate.  I found a friends son who made french cleats for the back of them.

I created a video and sped it up which you can watch here:

Below are some images of the flowers in progress.


Wall Dahlia Process

dahlia sculptures
flower wall sculpture


French Cleat

floral artwork


floral wall art

wall sculptures-CeramicFlowers

Flowers on display at Macy’s Union Square San Francisco:

Ceramic Wall Flowers Carolyn Clayton - Macys
Ceramic Wall Flowers Carolyn Clayton - Macys
Macy's Wall Flowers

macys flower display 2018 cazamic
macys flower display 2018 by carolyn clayton
macys flower display 2018

So I can now offer commissions for these flower wall decor art sculptures. Want colour? Not a problem…

flower wall art - floral wall art - flower wall decor - floral artwork