This is my latest biscuit firing. Most of these are commissioned work so they will not be for sale. But I can make similar for those interested.

Sadly these two didn’t make it:


I think I know why. The couple were on a log and I should have put a small hole in the base to allow air to get inside. Because I forgot I believe this is why it exploded. It was also close to the sunflower so that might have knocked the arm off. Never mind.. lesson learned… The problem I have is that these little flower people have taken off so quickly and so many people want them I am struggling to find time to make them all. And then because I am rushing I am making mistakes.

What is Biscuit Firing?

Someone asked me what a biscuit firing is. Biscuit firing is the first firing of any ceramic to turn it from clay to ceramic. It is important to make sure that the pieces are bone dry before biscuit firing and that if there are hollow sections like above, there is a hole so air can get inside. The temperature of biscuit firing is usually at least 1000°C, although I fire to 1250 for my porcelain figures. 500 degrees is where there is no going back. You could fire a piece to 450 and then take it out, put it in water and it would go soft again. But onces the temperature is at 500 degrees, the clay is then ceramic/hard so no going back. I take 10 hours taking the kiln to 500 degress. then once at this temperature I let the kiln ramp up to 1250 as fast as it can go. This might change over time as I tweak the firing process.