Last month I went on the Royal Caribbean’s ship Symphony of the Seas to see my sculpture in all its glory.  I wrote a post about it here on my other blog.

Me and my son had the time of our life on this cruise, it was just awesome.  My mind has been on that ship mentally every since. I’ve got ‘cruise blues’ if there is such a phrase. Everything about the experience was brilliant. The ship is beautiful, the art work amazing of course, the food was great, all the shows and entertainment and staff were all fantastic.

The sculpture is by the spa at the front of the ship on Deck 6.

We flew to Barcelona and after a day and night we got a transfer to the port. This was my first glimpse at the ship. Wow, was all I could say.

Royal Carribean Symphony Of The Seas


Royal Carribean Symphony Of The Seas(1)

I was extremely excited at this point seeing the ship so close and as my son Leon takes a better picture, here he is:

leon Clayton

Once on board after finding rooms we dropped out bags and headed to find the Spa:

Leon Clayton with Miss Hydrangea Symphony of The Seas


Miss Hydrangea Carolyn Clayton Art


Vitality At Sea Spa Symphony of The Seas

I took a small sculpture of how Heidi should have looked like:

Miss Hydrangea Royal Carribean Symphony Of The Seas

She is called ‘Miss Hydrangea’ but I call her ‘Heidi’ for short.

Carolyn Clayton Artwork Sign


Heidi on model of ship symphony of the seas

I took lots of pictures of Mini Miss Hydrangea around the ship.

Mini Miss Hydrangea Symphony Of the Seas
Casino Symphony Of The Seas



Heidi In Night club symphony of seas
The whole week was brilliant. We stopped at France, Majorca and three stops in Italy (La Spezia, Rome, Naples). I now get the ‘Italy thing’. So many people say how they love Italy and I so get it. Not for pasta or pizza yuk and yuk, but for the shopping! The trousers were all my size, I was in my element. I am planning a trip back to Italy very soon for some serious retail therapy.

As for Heidi, I will be seeing her again. All I have done since my return is look at cruises. My eldest son who was meant to come on this trip really missed out and he realises it. So we are planning to go on the same ship next year around the Caribbean. Whooop cant wait.