flowermaking demo

Yesterday I got to demonstrate my flower people for the first time. Over the years people have watched me make the china flowers but not my own creations. So it was a great pleasure to sit at front of house in the shop making away.

Being a part time demonstrator is great. It is actually my most rewarding paying job. I have been demo-ing the ancient technique of china flower making at Coalport China Museum since the summer of 2004.

Due to other work commitments it has only ever been a part time job but is the most fun and rewarding job there is. There is nothing more therapeutic for me than sitting down at Coalport with the radio on and making tons of tiny china flowers, talking to lots of great people and hearing how clever they think I am. I always leave with a huge head feeling fantastic.

This is the work station within the Long Workshop at the musuem where I do my china flower demos:

my demonstrator work table








A close up of the rack used to hold flowers while drying:

china flowers in rack








Some flowers ready for firing:

Bone china flowers

Bone China Flowers drying











Bisc fired flowers ready for selling or glaze.

all my biscuit bone china flowers








The Story of Flower Making