Public Art Sculpture

For a couple of years I have been dreaming about making large sculptures of my flower ladies.  I can picture them as large sculptures in shopping malls and I see a dedicated sculpture park for people to enjoy.  I had no idea how to make them big or if this was even possible.  Well someone was on the same wavelength because back in March of last year I got a phone call from some Spanish sounding lady saying how she loves my art and how she does art installations for celebrities and cruise ships. She was really excited and very sort of matter of fact.  I was my typical skeptical self at first and said I would call her back.  I then did some checks on her and she and the company were legit so I was all ears. In fact the company turns over millions so I was super all ears.  She wanted to speak on WhatsApp as she was in Miami at that time, so I added her and called her back.  She wanted to know if I would I like to have one of my sculptures fabricated much larger if she found a fabricator who could do it.   She told me I would get paid for the design and it would be going on the Royal Caribbeans latest cruise ship Symphony of the Seas.  She said she would look for a fabricator and email soon.

So this crazy lady gave me this huge dangling carrot and off she went.  I was left very excited and eager for her to call or email.  What if she couldn’t find a fabricator, surely someone would look at my ladies and think no chance.  For weeks I waited excitingly for her to call or email but she never did.  Me being me told everyone that it WAS going to happen blah blah, even though I was scared it wouldn’t happen.  I got a couple of messages back saying still investigating but I sensed I was becoming a pain so I decided to stop bothering her.   Plus as time was going by I was worried it was a no go.   Later in the Summer I got the commission for wall flowers for Macy’s in America which for one kept me busy and mind off the cruise ship woman, but it also gave my confidence a boost.  So in July (5 months had passed) I sent her a message.  I asked her if she still wanted me to do this fabrication milarky.   She replied very quickly saying yes very much and perfect timing. She had sent an email to the fabricator so discussions have begun. Not long later I was being cc-ed in emails from the fabricator and it was all systems go.

I ran around my house screaming like a mad woman for a few days.  It was a big sum of money to be paid for doing nothing, just using my design. However it didn’t turn out to be money for nothing as I ended up making the sculpture.  But this was my choice.  Once contracts were signed I went off down to meet Andrew Sinclair (my new hero) who had agreed to fabricate my sculpture.  This is when I started to get really excited because I had seen this man before on the net and was already impressed with his sculpture work. I had considered his classes in the past and here I was about to work along side him.  I spoke to Andrew on the phone and he suggested I come down for a chat about my sculpture. This is where the dream became reality.

A few days later I was wondering around his studio in awe.  It was jaw dropping to me.  It was and is just my dream to have a workshop like he has.  I am a bit of a tool, tech geek type and love power tools.  He had every tool, and I mean every tool.  When I went to school there was the wood work room, the metal work room and the pottery room, all my favourite rooms.  His studio was all that and more.  It was awesome. The only thing missing is a kiln, but he doesn’t need it. It was just sickening stuff really. A new gorgeous barn conversation was in construction. He was finishing off a David Bowie Tribute sculpture which has just been revealed. I had finally met a man who impressed me.  Just a shame he wasn’t a bit younger and single!

Once we got talking about my sculpture he asked how much input I wanted.  I explained I am like a sponge and wanted to learn as much as possible.  Plus I explained I was self employed so could take time off and come down for a couple of weeks or more if needed.  My main concern was that it looked good and like one of my ladies obviously.  By then we had notification what head and position was wanted.  It was a hydrangea lady crossed legs holding a bouquet.  He asked if I would like to make it all myself.  I agreed as long as he would be able to help and so stuff when I couldn’t.  He did ask if I was practical which I am. So it was agreed, I was coming back to Devon for 2 weeks in October to make this sculpture.  I asked him how we was going to make it and he said he didn’t know yet! But he did make me laugh when he said all I know is that it has to be ‘fat American proof’.

I will write a post on how it was made at some point.  But below is some pictures of her on the ship which is by the Spa and below those some videos taken on board.


Heidi Flower Lady Sculpture - Carolyn Clayton - Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas

Heidi Flower Lady Sculpture - Carolyn Clayton - Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas

Heidi Flower Lady Sculpture - Carolyn Clayton - Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas

You can see Heidi at the beginning of this video:

If you want to see a good video of the ship (with Heidi at 6.03) watch the following: