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Rose Sculpture

Rose flower lady contemplatingI have been making rose sculptures for many years now. It began in May of 2004 I offered to be a volunteer at Coalport China Museum. On my first day I was taught how to make roses out of bone china clay by a lovely lady called Mary who had been a demonstrator at museum for years. On day 3 of my practicing making these flower 3 visitors to the museum and asked me how many years I had been making them.  This brought fits of giggles from me when my reply was 2 days!  It seemed my apprenticeship in rose flower making was over.  However there were many other flowers such as the daffodil, daisy and the spiky one as I still call it which took a bit longer than 2 days to master.  But I was a complete natural.  I remember just knowing I would be able to make them before I even tried. I had seen it being done at Gladstone Museum in Stoke not long before, and as I watched I just thought to myself that I knew I could do it and I knew I would be better than the lady demonstrating it, even though I had never made a flower or touched bone china before.

Click here to learn more about the making of bone china flowers.

Click here to see a step by step tutorial on how to make a bone china rose flower.

Click here to see a video of me making a bone china rose flower.

This voluntary role led led to being offered a job as very soon Mary decided to retire.  So from then on I have done the odd days work at Coalport China Museum.

I still today love to make flowers.  I am not overly keen on the flower baskets and coalbrookdale ware myself, but can appreciate the work that went into them.  At least the colours were a nice change from the Cobalt blue and white porcelain.

This led me to one evening back in November 2013 when I was playing around with some clay and my flower people were born.

I have used many clays and found a 50/50 porcelain and stone ware clay is ideal for a glazed finish.  See left carousel below.  For a marble, mat or bisc finish I have found parian clay.  Parian clay is hard to sculpt with as its not a sculpting clay, however I manage and just love the finish. See right carousel below.

I take commissions so if there is not a rose sculpture that you like here but have an idea, do get in touch.  If you want them glazed I will make them using porcelain, but if you prefer the white matt marble type finish, Parian is the best clay for that effect, but very hard to work with as its not a modelling clay.

Rose Sculptures to Buy Online

I tend to use Facebook as a way to archive what I am making so any latest makes will go on my facebook page here:   If they dont sell on there I put them in my shop here.  Below are some available to buy online: