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Personalised handmade gifts to buy online

I can make a flower person or ‘group of’  to your design.  Perhaps you would like one reading a book, or one with twins babies, or with pets in any colour.  My flower people have evolved from suggestions so any ideas I would love to hear.  I will need to know what clay finish you prefer, what type of sculpture position, and of course what type of flowers to use.


Miniature 6cm x 3cm x 6cm £20
Small 8cm x 6cm x 9cm £30
Medium 12cm x 6cm x 12cm £40
Large/doubles 18cm x 10cm x 18cm £50
Groups of 3 or more £60

Time 3-6 weeks (read below)

I need a minimum of three weeks. Once I have made the items, they need two weeks to dry before ready for the kiln.   However my kiln is not very small and I prefer to fire when it is full up or nearly full.  So they may be sat waiting for others to dry before they get fired. Also the firing process is 24 hours.  Then there is delivery. This is why it could take up to 6 weeks.  But if you need them within 3 weeks I can fire them alone at an extra cost of £4.


The cost is £10 plus postage.  Once the item is ready, the rest will be due.  If you’re local and can collect this will be deducted. Once I receive your order I will contact you for details of what you want me to make. You can use the form below to contact me first if you wish.



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