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Blog Posts

Bone China Clay

February 10, 2016

Bone China clay is made from 50% bone ash, 25% china clay (kaolin) and 25% China stone (feldspar rich granite).…



July 29, 2014

Personalised handmade gifts to buy online I can make a flower person or ‘group of’  to your design.  Perhaps you…

Rose Angel

February 22, 2016

Rose Angel is handmade in parian clay and sites nicely over a shelf or fireplace.  I recommend using a bit…

Mans Best Friend

April 7, 2016

Rose sculpture standing next to dog.  This was hard to make…Any standing ones are.  This was handmade with parian clay.…

Mini Rose Angel

November 3, 2016

Mini Rose Angel is hand made in parian clay. Sits over edge of shelf.  I recommend adding some blue-tac to…

Lady Dahlia

Lady Dahlia is handmade in parian clay.  Size Medium (Head could be coloured on request at no extra cost)

Mr Sunflower

Mr Sunflower is handcrafted in parian clay with underglaze colour. I tested glaze on this parian one so it does…

Mrs Lady Rose

March 4, 2021

Mrs Lady Rose is handmade in parian clay with yellow underglaze. Length: 17cm, Width 11cm, Height 18cm.

Lady Rose

April 5, 2021

Lady Rose is handmade in porcelain clay and fired a second time with transparent glaze.

Mr Pot Head

Mr Pot Head is handmade in porcelain and glazed. Fired twice, medium sized. These make excellent gifts for potheads.

Lady Viola

Lady Viola is handmade in porcelain clay with underglaze colour and glazed.  Fired twice, medium size.

Lady Sunflower

Lady Sunflower is handmade in porcelain clay with under-glaze colour and a glaze.  Fired twice, medium sized.