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My flower sculptures make an excellent choice when considering unique mother’s day gifts. It can be very hard to find something affordable and unique.  My flower sculptures are both unique and affordable.

Most mums are happy with chocolate and or flowers but getting something unexpected is the greatest thrill. I am a mother so I know the deal. One year my son put together a collage of pictures of my late father and framed it. I cried when I opened it as it was just so touching and unexpected.

Real flowers soon die so the beauty of my artwork is that if looked after it will last a life time.  I hand make each one with the best porcelain and also parian clay which gives a satin marble finish.  Any porcelain is glazed, meaning they get fired twice.  I try to get colour on in the making to keep the firing and associated costs down.

If there is time, and by this I mean a month before the actual date, I can create a bespoke sculpture for you. Perhaps your mothers favourite flower is something you can’t find in my shop. Or perhaps they are just potty about handbags or something else.  I can generally incorporate anything into my designs. But I will need at least 3-4 weeks.

My flower people seem to bring so much joy to those who receive them.  I get so many happy reviews it’s very humbling. So if you want a unique work of art that is unique to your mother, why not take a look at what I have available to buy in my shop below.

Latest Sculptures for Sale

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Below are some ideas and sculptures I have made in the past.  I often make groups of figures to represent a whole family.  As more grand children arrive, I make additional sculptures to match the group.