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Watch artist Carolyn Clayton Sculpt LIVE online

As I was writing my page for online clay sculpture tutorials I realised many people do love to just watch me create my art.  One of my favourite jobs, but sadly what I do the least, is demo-ing flower making at Coalport China Museum.  I absolutely love demo-ing down there and meeting people and seeing their reactions as they watch me make flowers.  I am often told “I could watch you for hours”.  I get this as sculpting is therapy.  It is certainly my therapy. But I am also told that its very therapeutic to watch.  So I decided I would more than happy let you or a group of you watch me do my stuff for an hour or more.

All you need is and internet connection and the ability of video calling from either WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or Facetime and wi-fi.  Don’t be put off if you are not very IT savvy.  I am an IT expert which means I can help you set up any of these services on any devices.

I want £100 an hour and I promise to impress and make it well worth your while.  If a few of you want to chip in and pay for an hour I don’t mind.

If I have no commissions or jobs to make specific items, what I make within the hour of the demonstration, you can buy yourself at half the general retail price, once fired and complete.

Watch me on YouTube first

I have a few videos on YouTube, which you can watch here. Many people have asked me to make more and I do intend on adding more. When I can do away with my day job I will be able to do all the things I should be doing to promote myself.

To go ahead I will just need to arrange a time with you and then I would want payment up front.  I can work around any time zone.

Contact me

If you want to watch me sculpt live for an hour or more, please call me on +44 (0) 7813 245386  or email me at caz (at) cazamic (dot) com or use the form.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Book an Hours Viewing

If you pay me before contacting you, I will email you to arrange a suitable time.


carolyn clayton